La mejor calidad garantizada

Fabricamos nuestros aparatos con materiales seleccionados y utilizamos los mejores procedimientos para el control de calidad, lo que garantiza la fiabilidad y durabilidad de nuestros aparatos. Todas las piezas metálicas de acero, aluminio y acero inoxidable, se tornean y fresan en nuestro propio taller de prefabricación CNC. Todos los elementos adquiridos, como carcasas de plástico o partes de chapa, proceden en su mayoría de proveedores asociados de Alemania que nos suministran desde hace mucho tiempo. La fabricación en sí se centra en trabajo a mano en series pequeñas por parte de personal especialista experimentado.
Garantizamos esta calidad probada de FRITSCH Made in Germany por un periodo de 2 años.

Mantenimiento y suministro de recambios a largo plazo garantizado

Aseguramos la utilización óptima a largo plazo de sus aparatos FRITSCH con interesantes contratos de mantenimiento y una garantía de un mínimo de 10 años para el suministro de todas las piezas de recambio importantes. Con ello le ofrecemos el máximo grado de seguridad en su inversión.

Registro online sencillo garantizado

Para hacer uso del derecho de garantía de FRITSCH en su totalidad, debe enviarnos la tarjeta de garantía que acompaña cada aparato rellenada al completo inmediatamente después de recibir la mercancía. Naturalmente, existe la posibilidad aún más sencilla de utilizar nuestro práctico registro online.

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  • Guarantee Terms

    As manufacturer, FRITSCH GmbH issues – in addition to guarantee claims against the vendor – a guarantee for the duration of two years following the stated date of issue of the guarantee certificate enclosed with the instrument.

    Within this guarantee period we shall rectify sundry defects caused by material or manufacturing faults free of charge. Rectification may take the form of either repair or replacement of the instrument, at our discretion. The guarantee may be utilised in all countries in which this FRITSCH instrument is sold with our authorisation. Claims arising from this guarantee statement require that the instrument has been used in accordance with the directions for use/operating instructions for its indicated purpose. The guarantee is acknowledged on presentation of the original receipt, stating the date of purchase and name of trader, together with the complete instrument type and instrument number. The guarantee is only acknowledged where the answer card entitled "Securing of Guarantee" (enclosed with the instrument) is completed in an orderly manner and despatched without delay following receipt of this instrument, and is received by us within three weeks, or where, immediately following receipt of the instrument, an online registration is performed with details of the above mentioned information.

    The guarantee will not be granted in cases where:

    • Damage has occurred that is due to normal wear and tear, in particular to wearing parts, such as: crushing jaws, lateral support walls, grinding bowls, grinding balls, sieving sheets, brush stripes, grinding sets, grinding disks, rotors, sieve rings, pin inserts, conversion kits, sieve inserts, bottom sieves, grinding assemblies, cutting tool sets, sieve cassettes, test sieves and measuring cell glasses
    • Repairs, adaptations and modifications to the instrument have been performed by persons or companies without the necessary competence
    • The instrument has not been employed in a laboratory environment and/or has been operated in continuous operation
    • Damage exists that has been caused by external influences (lightning, water, fire etc.) or incorrect handling
    • Damage exists that has only a negligible effect on the value or serviceability of the instrument
    • The instrument type and instrument number on the instrument have been altered, deleted, removed or rendered illegible in any other way
    • The above mentioned documents have been altered or rendered illegible in any way

    The guarantee does not include costs for transport, packaging and travel costs incurred in returning the instrument to us or where one of our technicians comes to you. Where and how this guaranteeing is conducted decides the manufacturer - the FRITSCH GmbH. The guarantee lapses in the event of intervention by persons not authorised by us or where accessories and spare parts other than original FRITSCH accessories and spare parts are used. Utilisation of the guarantee means neither that the guarantee time is extended nor that a new guarantee is issued. Please describe the manner of the defect or complaint precisely. Where no description of defect is enclosed, we shall view the consignation as an assignment to rectify sundry recognisable defects or functional faults, including those that are not included in the guarantee. Defects or functional faults that are not included in the guarantee shall in this case be rectified with costs. In order to spare unnecessary effort, we recommend that you read the operating instructions of your instrument very carefully before contacting us or your dealer. Defective parts return to our ownership following replacement delivery and are to be returned to us at the expense of the purchaser.

    Idar-Oberstein, 01 January 2006

    FRITSCH GmbH · Milling and Sizing
    Industriestrasse 8 · 55743 Idar-Oberstein · Germany