For the control, recording and evaluating of your measuring results, the ANALYSETTE 22 purchase includes a computer* and the MaS control software – already installed, which guides you through the entire measurement process in an easy-to-learn and largely self-explanatory manner.

Simple, flexible, reliable.

*Offer valid worldwide except GUS due to customs regulations.

  • Perfect Analysis

    The special FRITSCH MaS control software is based on a relational database in which all user entries, parameters and results are securely stored and safe from manipulation. The layout of your measuring reports can be freely defined with the practical report generator – exactly according to your needs. The integration into a local computer network is also a simple matter. Your advantage: all measuring data can be conveniently analysed on different computers.

  • Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs

    An ANALYSETTE 22 can be used safely and faultlessly by anyone after only brief instruction, due to the Standard Operating Procedures – SOPs for short – which are included in the MaS control software for nearly all typical measurement tasks. SOPs allow the entire measuring process for different sample types to be defined in advance according to specifically adapted measurement regulations. The actual measurement is then performed largely automatically.

    Via a well-arranged input mask, you are completely free and flexible to modify these SOPs to perfectly suit your measurement requirements: The dispersion process and duration, measuring frequency, time intervals and many other parameters can be easily selected and saved as separate SOPs.

    Your advantage: a completely new level of freedom in structuring the entire dispersion and measurement process.

    Especially safe: You can assign individual usage permissions for each SOP to ensure that no unauthorised changes can be made by the operator while performing the measurement.

  • Flexible Report Generator

    In addition to integrated standard reports, the freely editable report generator offers flexible options for displaying the measuring results according to your individual needs. The reports can integrate graphs as well as all measurement parameters, statistical values or selected measured values.

  • The Facts
    • Simple, clear organisation of the measuring data
    • Fast, clear comparison of different measurements
    • All relevant information available at a glance
    • Analysis according to Fraunhofer or Mie theory
    • Control of the measurement process via SOPs
    • Individual reports and layouts
    • Freely selectable user values issued in a table format
    • Manual entry of comparison data is possible
    • Consideration of sieving results
    • Data export to Excel TM and in XML format
    • SQL database
    • CFR 21 part 11 included as a standard feature
    • Intuitive operation via central navigation area
    • Easy-to-learn thanks to use of the Microsoft Office standard
    • User interface multi-lingual
  • Data Management and user rights

    All results and templates are stored in a SQL database that is tamper-proof. By individually assigning user permissions, you can separately defi ne access to data or the ability to alter measurement processes for each individual user.

    If the computer connected to the ANALYSETTE 22 has network access, the measuring results can also be viewed at any time from other network computers. Simple, secure, reliable.

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